cxVecClipSet - sets coercion clipping state used by the Module Data Wrapper
#include <cx/Coerce.h>

void cxVecClipSet(int clip_flag, cxErrorCode clip_severity)
subroutine cxVecClipSet(clip_flag, clip_severity)
integer clip_flag, clip_severity
Input Boolean determining error status of clipping during coercion.
Input enumeration determining error severity of clipping during coercion.
cxVecClipSet sets internal state in the data coercion routines (see cxVecCoerce). If clip_flag is set to a non-zero value, the value of clip_severity is used as the error return code from cxVecCoerce in the event an out-of-range value must be clipped to a smaller range. The default behavior (without a call to cxVecClipSet) is to register cx_err_none and do no clipping error detection. cxVecClipSet is used by the Module Data Wrapper in array coercions, but may also be used in writing modules. cxVecClipGet(3E), cxVecCoerce(3E).
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