cxVecDelStr - delete a vector of elements of scalar or string type

#include <cx/DataAccess.h>

void cxVecDelStr( void *src, long n, cxPrimType type )
subroutine cxVecDelStr(src, n, type)
integer src, n, type
Pointer to a vector of elements.
The number of elements in the vector.
The type of each element in the vector.

cxVecDelStr frees the vector of elements pointed to by src, which was returned by a previous call to cxVecNew or cxVecDup. If the elements are of type cx_prim_string, cxVecDelStr also frees each character string as well. cxVecNew(3E), cxVecDup(3E), cxVecDel(3E)

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