cxXtAreaAttach - attach a widget hierarchy to a control panel drawing area
#include <cx/XtArea.h>

void cxXtAreaAttach( Widget top, long windowID)
subroutine cxXtAreaAttach(top,windowID)
integer top
integer windowID
The widget to attach.
The X window ID of the parent window.
This function attaches a form widget top created by cxXtAreaInitialize(3E) to the X window with ID windowID. This X window ID is usually passed in as a parameter from the IRIS Explorer user interface.

cxXtAreaInitialize(3E) initially creates its widget off screen. cxXtAreaAttach(3E) moves the widget (and all its widget children) into a window that is usually on screen, thus making it visible.

The X version of the Module Control Wrapper must be used in all modules that use this routine.

See the IRIS Explorer Module Writer's Guide for examples of using a cxXtArea.

cxXtAreaInitialize(3E), cxXtAreaResize(3E)
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