cxXtAreaResize - update the size of a control panel drawing area widget hierarchy
#include <cx/XtArea.h>

void cxXtAreaResize(Widget top,long windowID)
subroutine cxXtAreaResize(top,windowID)
integer top
integer windowID
The widget to resize.
The X window ID of the parent window.
This function ensures that the container widget top created by cxXtAreaInitialize(3E) is the same size as the X window whose ID is windowID. top should have been previously attached to windowID with cxXtAreaAttach(3E).

The parent window is typically owned by the IRIS Explorer user interface. When this window is moved or resized, the drawing area parameter is sent to the module. When the module receives this parameter, it should call this function to keep the widget size the same as the window size.

Widgets contained in top should have appropriate constraints and resize actions so that resizing the container widget will trigger the appropriate response.

The X version of the Module Control Wrapper must be used in all modules that use this routine.

See the IRIS Explorer Module Writer's Guide for examples of using a cxXtArea.

cxXtAreaInitialize(3E), cxXtAreaAttach(3E)
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