DataOps - file header IRIS Explorer data type operations and memory allocation
include <cx/DataOps.h>
DataOps.h defines application programming interface routines for various generic operations on IRIS Explorer data types, and for allocating data memory.

cxDataRefInc and cxDataRefDec modify the data's reference count. Decrementing the reference count may cause the data object to be deleted.

void cxDataRefInc( void *dataObj );
void cxDataRefDec( void *dataObj );

cxDataMalloc, cxDataFree, cxDataRealloc, and cxDataCalloc are similar to malloc(3), free(3), realloc(3) and calloc(3), but perform their operations on data memory. Data memory is shared by all modules on IRIX systems, and is normal virtual memory on other systems.

void *cxDataMalloc( size_t size );
void cxDataFree( void *p );
void *cxDataRealloc( void *p, size_t size );
void *cxDataCalloc( size_t nelem, size_t elsize );

cxDataTypeNumIds returns the number of data types known to the module. This value may increase over time.

int cxDataTypeNumIds();

cxDataTypeNameGet returns the typename, e.g. "cxLattice", or "cxPyramid", of the data item passed in.

char *cxDataTypeNameGet( void *data );

cxDataTypeIdGet returns an integer identifier for the give typename, which is of the form returned by cxDataTypeNameGet. The identifier returned is from 0 to 1 less than the value returned by cxDataTypeNumIds.

int cxDataTypeIdGet( char *name );
cxDataCalloc(3E), cxDataFree(3E), cxDataMalloc(3E), cxDataRealloc(3E), cxDataRefDec(3E), cxDataRefInc(3E), cxDataTypeIdGet(3E), cxDataTypeNameGet(3E), cxDataTypeNumIds(3E)
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