UI - IRIS Explorer module user interface routines
include <cx/UI.h>
UI.h defines application interface routines used by modules to affect their private user interface, or control panel.

cxModAlert causes a popup to appear in the Map Editor with the given text string and the module's name.

void cxModAlert ( char *string );

cxInWdgtDblSet, cxInWdgtLongSet and cxInWdgtStrSet set the value of the dial, text slider or text type-in widget associated with the port write(*,'(a)')trim(line) name. Format conversions are automatically made when possible. For example, calling cxInWdgtStrSet with "3.14" will set the value of a dial to 3.14. Calling cxInWdgtLongSet with a value of 123 will set the value of a text type-in to "123". The result of calling cxInWdgtStrSet with "three" to set a dial widget is undefined.

void cxInWdgtDblSet ( char *name, double val );
void cxInWdgtLongSet ( char *name, long val );
void cxInWdgtStrSet ( char *name, char *val );

The minimum and maximum values of a dial or slider widget for port name are set with cxInWdgtDblMinMaxSet or cxInWdgtLongMinMaxSet.

void cxInWdgtDblMinMaxSet(char *name,double min,double max);
void cxInWdgtLongMinMaxSet(char *name,long min,long max);

cxInWdgtLabelSet changes the label of port name to val.

void cxInWdgtLabelSet ( char *name, char *val );

cxInWdgtChoiceLabelSet sets the index choice to the string label on the option menu or radio button widget for port name. cxInWdgtChoiceLabelMultiSet has the same effect for cnt choices, starting with minIndex. label points to an array of new choice labels for the port.

void cxInWdgtChoiceLabelSet  (char *name, int index, char *label );
void cxInWdgtChoiceLabelMultiSet
  ( char *name, int minIndex, int cnt, char **label );
cxInWdgtChoiceLabelMultiSet(3E), cxInWdgtChoiceLabelSet(3E), cxInWdgtDblMinMaxSet(3E), cxInWdgtDblSet(3E), cxInWdgtLabelSet(3E), cxInWdgtLongMinMaxSet(3E), cxInWdgtLongSet(3E), cxInWdgtStrSet(3E), cxModAlert(3E)
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