PortAccess - functions for accessing and modifying input and output ports
include <cx/PortAccess.h>
PortAccess.h defines application programming interface routines for manipulating an IRIS Explorer module's input and output ports. Input and output ports are defined by name, but accessed by an integer index. cxInputPortOpen and cxOutputPortOpen return the integer index for the given port name. This integer should be used as the portIndex argument to the remainder of these routines.
int cxInputPortOpen( char *name );
int cxOutputPortOpen( char *name );

cxInputPortCount and cxOutputPortCount return the number of input and output ports respectively. cxInputPortNames and cxOutputPortNames return a null-terminated list of the port names defined for this module.

char **cxInputPortNames();
int cxInputPortCount();
char **cxOutputPortNames();
int cxOutputPortCount();

cxInputDataGet returns a pointer to the data on an input port. If no data has been received, a NULL is returned.

void *cxInputDataGet( int portIndex );

cxInputDataChanged returns non-zero if the data on the given port has changed since the module fired last.

int cxInputDataChanged( int portIndex );

cxInputDataConnIDGet returns a unique identifier for the connection which provided the data returned by cxInputDataGet.

long cxInputDataConnIDGet( int portIndex );

cxInputConnectsGet and cxOutputConnectsGet returns the number of connections present on the port.

int cxInputConnectsGet( int portIndex );
int cxOutputConnectsGet( int portIndex );

cxOutputDataSet places the data pointed to by data in the output port. cxOutputDataFlush causes data in the port to be sent to downstream modules immediately.

void cxOutputDataSet( int portIndex, void *data );
void cxOutputDataFlush( int portIndex );
cxInputConnectsGet(3E), cxInputDataChanged(3E), cxInputDataConnIDGet(3E), cxInputDataGet(3E), cxInputPortCount(3E), cxInputPortNames(3E), cxInputPortOpen(3E), cxOutputConnectsGet(3E), cxOutputDataFlush(3E), cxOutputDataSet(3E), cxOutputPortCount(3E), cxOutputPortNames(3E), cxOutputPortOpen(3E)
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