This module creates 3D animation scene data from sequential geometry data that can be played in Render and other Open Inventor viewers. The created scene is build with SoBlinc, so the movie can be played without any loop connection.

The movie generated by this module is three dimensional, so you can view a moving, 3D object time in real time. The generated geometry data can be saved to file with WriteGeom, and can be loaded by other 3D tools or viewers, and it can be played in these browsers as a 3D movie.

This module stores incoming geometry data and adds it to outgoing geometry data. You can clear this stored data with the 'Clear' button. Play speed can be set with the 'Speed' dial. The speed is the duration between frames, so the play speed becomes faster when you set 'Speed' to a smaller value and vice versa.

It takes a while to generate outgoing data, and it decreases performance. You can suspend the generation of the data by checking 'Quiet'.


Port: Input
Type: Geometry

Sequential geometry data.


Port: Speed
Type: Dial

Change the duration between frames.

Port: Clear
Type: Button

Clear the stored geometry data.

Port: Quiet
Type: Radio Box
Menu Item: Run
Menu Item: Quiet

When 'Run' is selected, outgoing geometry data is generated whenever new data arrives at the 'Input' port, or the module is fired. When 'Quiet' is selected, outgoing data is not generated and only storing is performed.


Port: Output
Type: Geometry

Generated 3D animation geometry data.


The generated scene is big, and not optimized, so the size or complexity of the movie depends on the machine.



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