This module generates colored spheres from an input lattice. One sphere is placed at each coordinate position; the radius of each sphere is either a function of the data value at that coordinate or a constant.


Port: data
Type: Lattice
Constraints: float
Constraints: curvilinear
Constraints: 3-cD
Input lattice of points to be used for sphere generation.

Port: colormap
Type: Lattice
Constraints: 1..2-D
Constraints: 4-vector
Constraints: float
Constraints: uniform
Colormap for coloring spheres. The colormap entry position is derived from the data in the lattice.

Port: Pick input
Type: Pick
Optional: This port is optional.
A pick used for printing the location of the point. If this is wired, then the module produces text on an output port annotating the coordinate value at the picked point.


Port: scale
Type: Dial
Scale multiplier for radius.

Port: color channel
Type: Slider
Channel to be used for sphere color.

Port: radius channel
Type: Slider
Channel to be used for calculating sphere radius. Only used if radius style is appropriate.

Port: radius style
Type: Option Menu
Menu Item: fixed radius
Menu Item: radius from data
Choose whether radius is fixed or variable based on data variable.

Port: resolution
Type: Slider
The resolution of the sphere. 0 is lowest level and 1 is highest level.


Port: Balls
Type: Geometry
Output geometry of spheres.

Port: Text
Type: Geometry
Annotation geometry of the coordinates of the point.


If the radius is negative, then the sphere has the normals pointed inward, and it may appear confusing.


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