This is an implementation of gnuplot 3.0. The additions to standard gnuplot are :

The plot/splot commands have an additional field to specify how to extract information from the input lattice. The special filenames Data and Coord refer to the data portion and the coordinate portion of the lattice. For example:

plot "Data"
splot "Coord" with lines

Default X Resources:

gnuplot.foreground:  black
gnuplot.background: grey
gnuplot.fontList: 7x13

Note: this module is not available with every implementation of IRIS Explorer.


Port: Input
Type: Lattice
Optional: This port is optional.
Input lattice.


Port: Window
Type: Drawing Area
X drawing area for plot.

Port: Command
Type: Text
Enter the current command to gnuplot.

Port: Port
Type: Option Menu
Menu Item: Geometry
Menu Item: X Window
Generate the output as X or geometry.


Port: geo
Type: Geometry
Output of geometry if applicable.


If the user specifies the 'exit' command, the module will terminate.


The official distribution site for gnuplot is There, in directory pub/gnuplot, you will find source to the latest version of gnuplot as well as documentation for the package.
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