This module creates a geometric representation of a 2D lattice. The module is designed to visualize 2-dimensional data that has a simple shape but huge resolution such as slice data. This module uses texture mapping instead of polygons, so rendering performance will increase if the hardware supports texture mapping. This module can be considered as a 'LatToGeom' optimized for huge slices.

The user can specify the optimization level by setting 'di' and 'dj'. The number of polygons used to represent the plane is proportional to 1 divided by the product of di times dj, so if you set di and dj to large values, rendering performance increases but accuracy decreases. Notice that accuracy does not decrease when the grid is constant, because a constant lattice plane can be represented by a square polygon.

This module requires one colormap to map colors.

If the input lattice has vectors as its data, only the first component is used; other components are ignored.


Port: Input
Type: Lattice

Input lattice. This lattice should have a simple coordinate structure. If it contains vector data, only the first element is used.

Port: Colormap
Type: Lattice
Constraints: 1-D
Constraints: 4-vector
Constraints: float
Constraints: uniform

Colormap to be used to map lattice data values to colors in the texture.

Port: di
Type: Parameter
Optional: This port is optional.

Optimization level in i-direction. Large value means high optimization level.

Port: dj
Type: Parameter
Optional: This port is optional.

Optimization level in j-direction. Large value means high optimization level.



Port: Output
Type: Geometry

Resulting data.


If the coordinate structure of input data and you choose high optimization level, this module generates incorrect results.


LatToGeom, GenerateColormap

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