This module generates a colormap legend for the Render module. Its output should be sent directly to the "Screen" port of the Render module. The legend contains a representation of the colormap with numerical annotation to the right. The legend can be generated into any corner of the Render screen space, and any number of labels can be placed on the colorbar.


Port: Colormap
Type: Lattice
Constraints: 1-D
Constraints: 4-vector
Constraints: float
Constraints: uniform
The colormap that will be used in the legend block.


Port: Corner
Type: Option Menu
Menu Item: upper left
Menu Item: upper right
Menu Item: lower left
Menu Item: lower right
States which corner to generate the legend into. The initial value is "upper left".

Port: Steps
Type: Slider
Number of numeric values to place on the legend.

Port: Text Color
Type: Text
The color to use to draw the text legend. The initial value is "white".

Port: Background Color
Type: Text
The color to draw the background frame of the colormap legend. The initial value is "black".

Port: Font
Type: Text
The X Window System font to use for the legend text. The initial value is "Courier-Bold.12". There is a maxi-control panel menu bar menu for selecting among a common set.


Port: legend
Type: Geometry
Output geometry that should be connected to the Screen Port of the Render module. It is properly scaled for this port.


The screen port coordinate space on Render is aspect ratio preserving. Therefore, the minus one to one range pertains only precisely to the shorter of the two axes.

If the aspect ratio of the Render window is not close to one, then the positioning of the colormap legend will appear incorrect, though it will be placed correctly in the corner of the largest square that can fit centered within the Render window.


Render, GenerateColormap.
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