This module allows the user to sample data from a 2D lattice at a specified set of lookup points. The coordinates of the points are input to the module as pick data; the module performs linear interpolation on the lattice to calculate the data values at the points and outputs the results as a lattice, together with the geometry of a path connecting the points together by a set of straight line segments.

The list of points can be manipulated by the user; options include adding, deleting and moving points, and also deleting all the points on the list.


Port: Pick
Type: Pick
The location in 3D space.

Port: Values
Type: Lattice
Constraints: 2-D
Constraints: 1-vector
The data lattice. It can be of any primitive type.


Port: Points Edit Mode
Type: Option Menu
Menu Item: Add
Menu Item: Delete
Menu Item: Move
Switch to change edit mode for manipulating the list of points. In add mode, a new location is added at the point where the left mouse button is pressed. In delete mode, the location that's closest to the point where the left mouse button is pressed is deleted from the list. In moving mode, the location that's closest to the point where the left mouse button is pressed is moved to a new location, determined as the point where the left mouse button is released (a click, drag and release mechanism).

Port: Delete All
Type: Button
Deletes all locations from the list.

Port: ZScale
Type: Dial
Scaling factor to be applied to the height (Z-coordinate) of the line to be drawn. By default, the line is created using the Z coordinates of the picked points - however, this may cause the line to become obscured in the Render module's window if other geometry (that representing the lattice itself, for example) is coincident with it. The Outline module rigidly shifts the Z-coordinates of the points on the line by an amount ZScale*range, where range is the range of data values in the original 2D lattice. The interpolated data values, and the X and Y coordinates of the points on the line are unaffected by this shift.

Port: Color
Type: Text
Name of color used to color the line. See cxParamColorFloatGet for valid color names.


Port: Outline
Type: Geometry
Geometry of path connecting points together via a set of straight line segments.

Port: Profile
Type: Lattice
Constraints: 1-D
Constraints: 1-vector
Constraints: perimeter
Output lattice. The data part of the lattice is the interpolated values at each of the points, while the coordinates part is the 2D distance from the first point on the list, measured along the straight line segments of the path in the XY plane.



Ruler, NAGGraph, cxParamColorFloatGet.
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