This module draws a 3D arrow at a picked position. The tip of the arrow is at the picked position and, by default, its orientation is along the normal to the surface at the picked position.

Although the module fires for all types of pick events, it only updates the position of the arrow for button down pick events. For each pick event, the module ignores any hits that originate from the arrow geometry itself.


Port: Position
Type: Pick

Input pick port.


Port: Scale
Type: Dial

Scaling parameter for arrow geometry. By default, (Scale = 1) the arrow is one unit long (in world space coordinates).

Port: Flip?
Type: Check Box

This parameter determines the direction of the arrow. By default (Flip? = No) the arrow is aligned along the direction of the unit normal to the surface at the picked postion; turning Flip? on aligns it against this direction.

Port: Color
Type: Text

Color string used to color the arrow. See cxParamColorFloatGet for valid color names.


Port: Pointer
Type: Geometry

Output arrow geometry Pointer



QueryLat cxParamColorFloatGet

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