PrintPyr prints the contents of a pyramid, showing summary information about its connections and subordinate lattice data and coordinates. Optionally prints one of four sets of more detailed information, the connectivity of the pyramid's nodes, connectivity plus data, connectivity plus coordinates, or connectivity plus data and coordinates depending on the settings of the "Print Contents?", "Print Data?", and "Print Coords?" widgets, which are turned off by default. PrintPyr accepts any pyramid as input.

The output is directed to stdout on UNIX machines, and the Main Log window on NT machines.

PrintPyr displays information about a "sub-pyramid" of the input data. The sub-pyramid is found by extracting layers Min-Layer through Max-Layer of the pyramid (numbering starts at 0 for the base layer), and then extracting nodes at layer Max-Layer with indices in the range [Min-Element, Max-Element]; these nodes and all of their descendants within the layer range are displayed in indented form. Viewing the pyramid as a directed acyclic graph (DAG) rooted at the highest layer, the nodes of the DAG are printed in a pre-order traversal of the DAG, each node printed before its descendants.

The printing format shows the number of levels below the top level of the source pyramid by indentation, and prints the node's index, number of descendant nodes (in parentheses), and index number if compressed [in brackets] on one line, followed optionally by its data value(s) and coordinates. At the base layer, the number of descendant nodes is omitted, since it must be zero, and printing is compressed in the absence of data and coordinates.


Port: Input
Type: Pyramid
Constraints: 1..-layer
Constraints: optional-baseLat
Constraints: n-D compression
Constraints: n-compression type

Source pyramid.


Port: Print Contents?
Type: Check Box

Enable printing of connectivity, data, and coords. Default OFF.

Port: Print Data?
Type: Check Box

Print data values. Default OFF.

Port: Print Coords?
Type: Check Box

Print coord values. Default OFF.

Port: Print Dictionary?
Type: Check Box

Print current pyramid dictionary. Default OFF.

Port: Min Layer
Type: Slider

Minimum level of descent in printing pyramid layers.

Port: Max Layer
Type: Slider

Starting layer for printing.

Port: Min Element
Type: Slider

Minimum node index within layer Max-Layer.

Port: Max Element
Type: Slider

Maximum node index within layer Max-Layer.





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