This module reads an image file and converts it into an IRIS Explorer lattice. The ImageVision library is used for all image manipulation, so the file formats supported are those that ImageVision supports. These formats currently include SGI (.rgb format), FIT (SGI tiled format), GIF, TIFF, and PhotoCD. Support for additional formats can be added with the appropriate shared object loaded into /usr/lib/ImageVision/filefmt.

Images of char, short, int, long, float, and double, and of any number of channels are supported.



Port: Filename
Type: Text
This is the name of the file to be read.


Port: Output
Type: Lattice
Constraints: 2..3-D
Constraints: uniform
This is the output image.


Bit images are not supported.

Colormap images are not properly supported. The result will be a monochrome image with the map values. The colormap is lost in the conversion to a lattice.

The file browser widget does not correctly browse files on remote machines. The remote filename can be entered in the selection box, but the option menu is inoperable.


WriteImg, DisplayImg.
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