This module accepts a piece of geometry and creates an output geometry consisting of a copy of the geometry with a texture map applied according to the module's widget specifications.


Port: Input Geom
Type: Geometry

The input geometry on which to apply the texture map.

Port: Texture
Type: Lattice
Optional: This port is optional.
Constraints: 2-D
Constraints: 1..4-vector
Constraints: uniform

The texture map may be passed in using this optional lattice port. For example ReadImg could be used to read an image and then passed into this port. You could also use GenLat ( or a similar module ) to create a lattice and pipe it into this port( 2d procedural textures ! ).

Used only if the filename widget is empty.


Port: Filename
Type: Text

The name of a RGB image file to use as the texture.

Port: Model
Type: Radio Box
Menu Item: Modulate
Menu Item: Decal
Menu Item: Blend

Controls the blending function :

Modulate : multiples the shaded color times the texture color
Decal    : replaces shaded color with texture color
Blend    : blends between shaded color and specified blend color
           (requires an input texture with only one data value or channel)

Port: Blend Color
Type: Text

The color to blend.


Port: Output Geom
Type: Geometry

The texture mapped geometry.


Currently there is no control over exactly how the texture is applied.


TransformGeom Render GenLat ChannelSelect

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