This module acts as a synchronization method for IRIS Explorer. A common use would be for coordinating an inner loop with an outer loop. The inner loop would connect to the Sync port and this module would not fire until the status on the Sync port is new. It can also be used as a barrier module.

This module is extensible for the user. The user need only add an Input and corresponding Output port to allow this module to pass their specific IRIS Explorer type. This is only necessary if you want multiple triggers. The order of the port is very important. All new port pairs should be added to the end of the existing list.


Port: Sync
Type: Generic
This port, when new, allows the module to fire.

Port: Input
Type: Generic
Any data that is to be passed


Port: Condition
Type: Option Menu
Menu Item: New Sync
Menu Item: New Sync > 0
This widget determines if the module fires whenever the Sync is new, or if the Sync is a Parameter, the value must be > 0 and new.


Port: Trigger
Type: Parameter
This port indicates that the module fired.

Port: Output
Type: Generic
The Input is moved to the Output



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