This module creates an MPEG compressed animation file from images received through the image port, such as snapshot images from the Render module. The MPEG file is actually created when the save button is pressed, or the module terminates.

MPEG files may be viewed using an MPEG player such as those available from the following sites:



Port: image
Type: Lattice
Constraints: 2-D
Constraints: 3-vector
Constraints: byte
Constraints: uniform

Receives images to be incorporated into the MPEG file.


Port: output file
Type: Text

Path of the MPEG file to be created. If the output file already exists when the MPEG file is created then it is renamed by appending '.bak' to the file name (if the '.bak' file already exists then it is deleted).

Port: save
Type: Button

Creates an MPEG file from the images received through the image port. All images received since the module was launched or since the clear button was pressed are incorporated into the MPEG file.

Port: clear
Type: Button

Clears all images that have been received so that only images received after the clear button was pressed are incorporated into the MPEG file.

Port: version
Type: Radio Box
Menu Item: 1
Menu Item: 2

Specifies whether the MPEG file should be MPEG version 1 or MPEG version 2.



The images must conform to certain aspect ratios. The present version of WriteMPG ensures that images conform to the 1:1 aspect ratios by adding extra rows to the bottom, or extra columns to the right-hand side, filled with zero value RGB pixels. If the heights or widths of the images are not equal then images subsequent to the first image may be truncated by removing rows from the bottom, or columns from the right-hand-side so that all images have the same size.


Render, WriteAVI, WriteAnimation

Note: WriteAVI is only available in the Windows version; WriteAnimation is only available in the UNIX version.

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