This module displays in a scrolling list widget a list of file names that match a given pattern. It behaves very much like a file browser widget, but can be constrained to show only a certain set of files and generally does not allow the user to walk around a directory tree. This module is useful for wiring into a map or particularly an application that has a number of input file possibilities that all match a particular pattern. Then, the Filename output parameter of this module can be wired to the file name input of a reader module elsewhere in the map.

The FileListExtended module's scrolling list widget is fixed in the "Extended Select" mode, so any number of items can be selected at a time, including discontiguous ranges of items. Use one of the related FileList modules if a different selection mode is required.



Port: Selection
Type: Scroll List
File name selection area. The files that match the pattern are displayed in this widget.

Port: Directory
Type: Text
Directory name in which to search.

Port: Pattern
Type: Text
Standard shell format pattern.


Port: Filename
Type: Parameter
Selected filename.



FileList, FileListBrowse, FileListMultiple.
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