ScaleLatNode will Clamp, stretch, or threshold an input lattice to a range of values given by the widget parameters. Each data value in the lattice is processed independently. This module accepts any lattice as input.

The clamping operation clips data to the [Min Value, Max Value] range, setting outliers to the low or high value.

The stretching operation remaps the range of the data to [Min Value, Max Value]. The minimum input datum is translated to Min Value, the maximum input datum to Max Value, and all others between are linearly scaled to lie in the output range.

The thresholding operation produces a binary lattice, with 1.0 data where the input value exceeds Max Value, and 0.0 data where the input value is less than or equal Max Value.


Port: Input
Type: Lattice
Source data vector.


Port: Min Val
Type: Dial
Minimum value for clamping or stretching. Ignored on threshold.

Port: Max Val
Type: Dial
Maximum value for clamping, stretching, or thresholding.

Port: Selection
Type: Option Menu
Menu Item: Clamp To Range
Menu Item: Stretch To Range
Menu Item: Greater Than Threshold
Selects one of the three operations clamp, stretch, or threshold.


Port: Output
Type: Lattice
Lattice with clamped, stretched, or thresholded data.



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