This module displays a 3D vector field for a 1 to 3D, 1 to 3-vector Lattice with arbitrary coordinates. Vectors are located at the lattice coordinate locations and point in the direction of the data vector field. Each vector is represented as a bi-colored line segment, starting at red and ending at white. The actual location of the sample is at the red end of the line segment.

The location of the vectors is 3D at most; missing coordinate dimensions will be padded with zero. The direction of the vectors is also 3D at most; missing data variables will be padded with zero. For example, a 1D uniform lattice with 2 data variables would have all the vector endpoints on the X axis (because the Y and Z coordinates will be padded with zero), and all the vectors will lie in the XY plane (because there are only two data variables).

Vector magnitudes are the product of data vector field lengths and a scaling factor.


Port: Input
Type: Lattice
Constraints: 1..3-D
Constraints: 1..3-vector
This is the input lattice.


Port: Scale Factor
Type: Dial
This is a multiplicative scaling factor applied to the vector's magnitude.


Port: Output
Type: Geometry
This the vector line segment geometry.



Gradient, Render.
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