libvas.a: MiniVas Programming Library


The MiniVas library is a set of subroutines based on the vastools software provided by Lyon-Lamb. This library is not included.


Using the MiniVas software consists of three basic steps:
  1. Call initmvas(portname) to initialize the serial communications with the MiniVas. portname is the character string of the seri connected to, (/dev/ttyd1 at ER&E).
  2. Call progmvas(start,framesper) to set the starting frame for recording, and the number of video frames to record per each subsequent call to record(&cframe). Both arguments to progmvas are integers (in C, not pointers to integers). The argument cframe to record is a pointer to an integer.
  3. For each rendered scene in the animation, call record(&cframe) to record that scene as a video frame. Depending on the framesper variable used in the call to progmvas, the number of video frames recorded will vary. The argument &cframe is set to the current video frame upon completion of the record routine.
At the end of the recording, you may call close_port() to close down serial communications. The same effect will happen simply by ending the execution of your program, so this is optional.
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