This module will read the CIA World Bank II map database and generate geometry. .PP The map database is divided into continents (North America, South America, Europe, Africa, and Asia), and within continents it is divided into "Coastlines, Islands, and Lakes" (cil files), "Rivers" (riv files), "International political boundaries" (bdy files) and "National political boundaries" (pby files).

The "rank" of segments within a file is an indication of what the segment depicts:

In "Boundary" files (bdy):

01 Demarcated or delimited boundary

02 Indefinite or in Dispute

03 Other line of separation of sovreignty on land

In "Coast, Islands and Lakes" files (cil)

01 Coast, islands and lakes that appear on all maps

02 Additional major islands and lakes

03 Intermediate islands and lakes

04 Minor islands and lakes

06 Intermittent major lakes

07 Intermittent minor lakes

08 Reefs

09 Salt pans -- major

10 Salt pans -- minor

13 Ice Shelves -- major

14 Ice Shelves -- minor

15 Glaciers

In "Rivers" files (riv)

01 Permanent major rivers

02 Additional major rivers

03 Additional rivers

04 Minor rivers

05 Double lined rivers

06 Intermittent rivers -- major

07 Intermittent rivers -- additional

08 Intermittent rivers -- minor

10 Major canals

11 Canals of lesser importance

12 Canals -- irrigation type

Wrangell Island, off the coast of Siberia, seems to have been damaged by a bug in the data compaction program. .PP Additionally, a file 'earth_elevation' can be read that contains the elevation data of the world at 0.5 degree intervals. This will only be read if the user requests elevation display.


Port: Colormap
Type: Lattice
Optional: This port is optional
Constraints: 1-D.
The colormap for the specific vectors. If the color is black, that section is not traversed. The numbering is : 0- 2 bdy 3- 5 pby 6-20 cil 21-32 riv .PP If no colormap is present, then the following defaults will be used: bdy1 = red pby1 = green cil1 = blue

everything else is black


Port: Directory
Type: Text
Name of the directory containing the map files. The map files are bdy.cbd, pby.cbd, cil.cbd, and riv.cbd.

Port: resolution
Type: Slider
This widget controls teh resolution of the data extracted from the database. A high number means more data, higher quality, and slower.

Port: flat
Type: Option Menu
This controls the type of map plotted. The user can choose either a rectangular map with longitude lines equidistant, or a round globe. The elevation data can additionally be read in from a file called 'earth_elevation' and displayed.

Port: Z scale
Type: Dial
This controls the scale of the elevation data if requested.


Port: Map Geometry
Type: Geometry
Output geometry



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