The Readsocklat module reads floating point vectors from a socket into a lattice. The socket connection is a TCP/IP coonection based socket. Currently, the Explorer module establishes a server socket.


Port: Filename
Type: Text

The name of the file which contains the dimensions of the lattice being read.

Port: Portnum
Type: Text

The portnumber of the socket connection. This must be an integer greater than 5000, in order to not interfere with reserved TCP/IP ports.

Port: NumElementsInVector
Type: Slider

The number of elements per data point of the lattice. Currently, three is the only setting that will work.


Port: Output
Type: Lattice

A 3-D lattice.



1. Only 3-D lattices are supported.

2. Sockets are servers from Explorer, clients elsewhere, which means the module must be started before the client program (trying to send data to the socket) is started.

3. Module fires on startup.

4. Module currently linked without UltraNet sockets.

5. To do additional reads, use Fire Now from module right button menu. But you must have the client program connect to the socket again.

6. Only supports uniform grids right now.


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