Given a geometry on the input port this module collects the geometry and adds it to any geometries that were previously received. For example, the geometries that are constructed from a loop can be accumulated in the buffer and sent to the Render module when done.

The motivation for this module was to be able to handle data from a domain decomposition method. The computational domain is divided into separate subdomains. Each subdomain is easily represented as a perimeter lattice. Since the data could be read in and manipulated using a for loop, some way was needed to store the geomtries from the maps.

The source code requires SGI's Open Inventor to compile. The code was written by Kelly Black, October 3, 1994 ( I wrote this code after receiving several pointers from David Foulser of SGI.


Port: Input
Type: Geometry

The module reads a geometry from the input port and adds it to an internal buffer.


Port: Clear
Type: Radio Box
Menu Item: Keep
Menu Item: Clear

When "Keep" is selected the incoming geometries are added to the geometries that are present in the module. When "Clear" is chosen all of the geometries in the buffer are cleared.

Port: Fire
Type: Radio Box
Menu Item: Silent
Menu Item: Echo

When "Silent" is chosen the geometries saved in the buffer are not echoed and no geometry is sent downstream. When "Echo" is chosen the current geometries are sent downstream and can be viewed with Render.


Port: Output
Type: Geometry

Empty geometry if "Silent" is chosen, otherwise contains the current geometry in the buffer.


There is a bit of a bug in the "Clear" option. Any geometry currently on the input port is passed along and is not deleted. I would appreciate a pointer as to how to fix this.

One other thing, I am not totally sure that I delete the current geometry correctly when clear is chosen. I have not had any problems with it, but it is possible. Again, any input would be appreciated.


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