Many of the examples used in Subrata Ray’s latest book ‘Fortran 2018 with Parallel Programming’ are tested using the NAG Fortran Compiler. Recently I was asked to review the book – here’s my summary:

“Fortran 2018 with Parallel Programming” is a comprehensive book which can be used as a tutorial and as a reference. The book covers the basics of the language and progresses to more advanced topics such as objected-oriented programming and interoperability with the C language using the 2003 standard. In addition, the book’s emphasis is on parallel programming, with a comprehensive introduction to OpenMP, MPI and coarrays. Collective communication in coarrays using the 2018 standard is also well presented. The book gives comprehensive coverage of the 2008 standard, thus, it should cover the useful language features for anyone writing computational codes.

While writing the book Subrata consulted with NAG’s Technical Support Service and, in his words said:

“Thank you very much to you and all the technical members of your organisation for their support. Whenever I faced a problem I received your support within a few hours. At the moment I am using The NAG Compiler, Version 6.2. However, I’m looking forward to using the next version later this year when I will get to use some of the new Fortran 2018 features. I have been receiving support from NAG for more than 15 years and enjoyed working with you all.”