Share Dimension is a state-of-the-art multimedia company that specializes in tailor made application development. They develop internet based applications to help companies extend their market reach on a global scale. One of their major projects is Silver Scheduler.

Silver Scheduler is a system for computer-generated movie schedules that are in agreement with the constraints set by management and that maximizes the capacity of the venue by generating as many visitors as possible. 

They use the NAG Library as an integral part of Silver Scheduler’s forecasting module. The NAG Library is used for running linear regressions with a large amount of movie attendance observations and variables.

Share Dimension needed a tool that could run as an integrated part in .NET and that copes with the huge amount of data that needed to be processed. Another very important aspect of the NAG Library was the ability to run it in .NET environments and both on x86 or x64 OS platforms. They had previously used an open source solution to run linear regression, however hit limitations in terms of data size. An alternative was the use of a large statistical package but with high implications in terms of development and licensing costs. 

“That’s the moment we found NAG and we are happy to see it does the job beautifully”,  said Alin Rusu, a .NET Developer at Share Dimension. “The NAG Support Team has been extremely helpful and with their help we managed to have a very smooth transition and integration process. The end result is a project that came in on time and on budget and we are very happy with the results.”