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Founded on collaborative principles NAG continues to develop and deliver innovative products and services.

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Empowering Industries Through Collaboration

Founded on collaborative principles, NAG continues to develop and deliver innovative products and services. NAG’s collaborative projects and partnerships span the globe within multiple industries, academia, and research organisations, pulling the very best from diverse domain areas. Examples include:

  • The NAG Library: contributed by world-leading numerical experts (Nicholas Higham, Jack Dongarra, Mike Giles, Rebecca Killick, and more).
  • NAG Automatic Differentiation Solutions: Uwe Naumann and his RWTH Aachen team worked with NAG to pioneer the entry of AD into continuous computational models over a decade ago.


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Code Contribution

Each release of the NAG Library has included numerical code contributed by professionals working in industry and academia. These contributions are key to NAG as we believe in a collaborative environment that allows others to experience the benefit of advancement in algorithms and computer science. Each code donated is then documented, tested, maintained, engineered to run on different configurations, and supported by NAG.


Learn more about Code Contributors

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTP)

NAG was founded as an inter-university collaboration. Our University collaboration continues today as we work with expert individuals and organisations from learning institutions all over the world. These collaborative projects are highly valued.

Types of University collaboration include the sponsorship of PhD and MSc students, providing a suitable awards program and arranging student placements or internships.

A short video here has been created to highlight the benefits of KTPs. Also, check out this blog post as it sheds light on work conducted under a KTP.


Knowledge Sharing

Utilise NAG’s talent pool for consulting and projects (HPC & Cloud, optimization, and AD)

Product/Service Innovation

Ideation, strategic planning, product service discovery, and go-to-market collaborations

Technology Licensing

Embed NAG optimization, AD, compiler and test suites, parallelised bespoke algorithms

Expert User Support

Remote or distributed team assistance (support, training, projects)

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