Learn more about NAG's work in HPC

  • Open Petascale Libraries (OPL) Project, Initiated by Fujitsu, Appoints NAG as Project Librarian

    November 2010: The Open Petascale Libraries (OPL) project, initiated by Fujitsu and announced at Supercomputing 2010, has appointed the Numerical Algorithms Group as the OPL Project Librarian. NAG will be the custodian of the library source code and will be producing periodic binary releases, as well as providing some of the algorithmic content.

  • The Chicken or the Egg? NAG provides an essential ingredient to help researchers find the answer

    November 2010 - When researchers at the University of Warwick and the University of Sheffield decided to use the UK's national academic supercomputer HECToR to study a problem in egg shell formation, they made use of NAG HPC software engineering expertise.

  • US Climate Change Research Expected to Proceed Faster with High Accuracy NAG Computing Algorithms

    November 2010 - Researchers at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) doing advanced modeling with the Climate Modeling and Research System (CMRS), will now be able to use the widely respected numerical routines of the NAG Library on the new Cray XT6 supercomputer, know as Gaea.

  • NAG and Dawning Launch Strategic Partnership for High Performance Computing and Scientific Research

    Dawning Information Industry Co. Ltd, a leader in the Chinese information industry, and the Numerical Algorithms Group (NAG, www.nag-gc.com) announce a partnership to develop High Performance Computing resources for a wide range of Chinese industries and research areas including automotive and aeronautics engineering, nuclear power research, water quality engineering, electrical engineering, drug discovery and manufacture and IT.

  • Tsinghua University deploys the NAG Library

    October 2010 - Internationally acclaimed Tsinghua University, reportedly chosen by the majority of China's top ranking college applicants and whose prestigious graduates include both the current President and Vice President of China, has signed a cooperate agreement for a campus-wide license with Numerical Algorithms Group (NAG) via NAG's Taiwan office.

  • New Numerical Algorithms for Technical Computing - Release of the NAG Library for SMP & multicore

    15th April 2010. The Numerical Algorithms Group (NAG) announce the launch of the NAG Library for SMP & multicore. Mathematical and statistical algorithms optimized for performance on multicore architectures have become key to progress in a wide array of applications in scientific research, energy development, quantitative financial analyses, modeling and simulations to solve engineering problems, drug discovery and genomic research, etc.

NAG provides the Computational Science and Engineering (CSE) Support Service for the UK's national academic supercomputing service, HECToR. (See http://nag.co.uk/hpc/hector.asp).