NAG Consulting Partners Program

Why is it Needed?

Critical business data is continuously being collected by a variety of devices and applications. Analyzing this data and correctly interpreting the results helps business leaders maximize revenue streams and optimize business performance.

There is now a new class of applications that use this data to enable better decisions through business analytics, optimization and forecasting. These new applications are underpinned by mathematical, statistical and data mining techniques.

Understanding and applying these techniques to business problems typically require skills not available within many companies. In many cases, these companies turn to specialized consulting companies for help in creating these custom applications.

However, at times consultants are reluctant to tackle these kinds of assignments because they too lack familiarity with the techniques and tools needed to build the applications. They do not want to risk schedule over-runs and client dissatisfaction venturing into the unknown. Ultimately, the consulting company may lose vital and lucrative business.

Learn more about the NAG Consulting Partner Program

NAG's Consulting Partners program can give your firm the enhanced analytical capabilities necessary to create specialized software applications required by your clients. Learn more about NAG's Consulting Partners Program through the links in the right box above, or contact us to see if this program is right for your IT consulting firm.