NAG Department License Program

The NAG Department License Program was designed to provide academic departments in North America access to NAG's cross-platform mathematical, statistical, data mining components and tools. This cost-effective program allows you to choose the software that meets your needs for the computing environments you use today and offers the flexibility to reconfigure those selections tomorrow, as your computing needs change.


  • Designed to deliver NAG's premier software products to academic departments in an affordable and easily tailored format
  • Allows for unlimited use and distribution of the software products within your department
  • Provides economical options for specialized products such as the NAG Parallel and SMP Libraries. Personal license options are also available.
  • Allows the choice of software that meets your needs for the computer environments you use today
  • Offers the flexibility to reconfigure your product selections as your computing needs change

Program Outline

Program pricing is for an annual license and is based on a combination of NAG products for UNIX and Windows/Linux computing platforms. The program's base pricing includes 4 selections. Additional selections to the 4 base selections can be added at a discounted price. NAG's High Performance Computing products can be purchased from our standard academic license fee schedule at a discount.

The NAG Department License Program allows unlimited use and distribution of the product selections on as many of the computing platform selections that exist within a specific department. NAG's comprehenstive documentation is included in all license agreements.

Trials are available on our products, and most products can be downloaded directly from this web site.

Learn More

Please contact us to learn more about our Department License Program, or to discuss how this program can be tailored to benefit you, your faculty and your students.