NAG HPC Libraries

NAG has a longstanding worldwide reputation for the excellence of its numerical and statistical procedure libraries. Industry, universities and research institutes rely upon the accuracy, reliability and robustness of these libraries to solve complex problems in areas such as engineering, life and earth sciences, and financial analysis.

The algorithms in NAG's serial libraries provide benefits in terms of reducing code development time and providing accurate, reliable answers. By careful coding and compilation, the current NAG algorithms are optimized to provide as much performance as possible from the platform for which they are specified. These libraries cannot, however, detect whether there is more than one processor available and exploit the potential speed up that such architectures can provide.

To enhance the performance of your code on multi-processor systems NAG can now offer two new high performance libraries. Whether you have a shared memory or a distributed memory system, NAG has a library that will help you make the most of the available resources. For shared memory systems, the NAG Library for SMP & Multicore has been designed to be a direct equivalent to the "standard" NAG Fortran Library. For distributed memory systems, including Beowulf style clusters, NAG has a dedicated Parallel Library.

Saves Development Time

Developing robust, reliable and accurate code for areas covered by the NAG libraries takes many years of effort. Using NAG libraries has regularly been proven to be the most cost effective way of solving numerical and statistical problems, reducing programming time, whilst increasing productivity and confidence.

Protects your Investment

You invest much time and money in your application programs. Once they are operational you rely on their results. NAG libraries are regularly updated, fully documented and supported, and designed for portability. Whatever the future holds, you can rely on NAG for your continuing numerical and statistical software needs.

Our libraries provide a broad range of reliable and robust numerical and statistical routines in areas such as optimization, PDEs, ODEs, FFTs, correlation and regression, and multivariate methods, to name but a few. Some people don't want to develop their own application or they need advice on numerical analysis. Here we offer our software development and numeric computation expertise through the Consultancy Service.

The high-performance computing versions of our libraries are available, on a broad and evolving range of platforms, including Windows PC, Unix and Linux.

"The NAG SMP Library gives us excellent scalable parallel performance"
Dr P Shellard, University of Cambridge, UK

Many companies rely on the NAG routines for mission-critical applications, so we operate very stringent quality assurance standards. No procedure enters our libraries until it has been fully tested, validated and verified.

Underpinning the quality of all NAG software is our renowned technical support. To ensure that users' questions are answered to the highest standards customers have access to the actual developers of the software, as well as comprehensive documentation. We place great emphasis on ensuring that our customer support remains at the highest level.

"NAG documentation is so good, its like having a consultant next to you!"
- Mark Haugland of the USA energy leader, Pathfinder

You can be confident that by using the NAG libraries you have access to the most advanced techniques for solving today's complex problems.

For more information on how NAG can help you contact us today.