Using the NAG Library with the Absoft Fortran Compiler on Windows 64 Systems


An earlier note, "Using the NAG Library with the Absoft Fortran Compiler on Windows 32 Systems" described how the NAG Libraries FLDLL234ML and FLW3223DCL
might be used with the Absoft 11.5 compiler. As 32-bit systems supported different calling conventions, typified by these two libraries, we compared the
relative merits of choosing either for use with the Absoft compiler.

On 64-bit Windows systems the position is much more straightforward, with only one calling convention to consider and with the NAG Library FLW6I23DC the
requisite choice. We describe the very simple steps needed to use this library with the Absoft 11.5 Fortran compiler.

Mark 23

At Mark 23 our example programs have shifted away from a Fortran77-like form to use more modern Fortran. In particular interface blocks are now used.
Our examples illustrate the usage with both styles of programs.

Using FLW6I23DC

The required compiler commands are just:

f95 -m64 -YEXT_NAMES=UCS -YEXT_SFX="" routine.f90 flw6i23dc_nag.lib

The -YEXT_NAMES=UCS -YEXT_SFX="" are required to ensure that the linker finds the required NAG routines from within the DLL and routine.f90 is the program
calling the NAG routines. The -m64 ensures that 64-bit code is generated.

No textual changes are required of the programs whether they be Fortran77-like or use interface blocks in a truly Fortran90-like manner. If you do use
Interface blocks though then you will need to recompile the source that we provide or download the interface blocks from here.


It is especially easy to use the NAG Library from the Absoft 11.5 Fortran compiler under 64-bit Windows. FLW6I23DCL is the appropriate library.


The author is indebted to Amy Hutcherson and Peter A Jacobson from Absoft for their help and advice whilst examples of use were being prepared.

David Sayers August 2012.