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A robust and highly tested Fortran compiler, valued for its checking capabilities and detailed error reporting.

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“The NAG Compiler is often my best tool when debugging complex Fortran code”.


One of my favourite sets of compiler flags is -g -O0 -C=all -mtrace -gline -ieee=stop. 
The excellent memory tracing and array bound checks, in combination with the analysis of floating point arithmetic, e.g. division by zero or floating point overflow, and reliable tracebacks to the line of code where an issue occurs, makes my life much easier.

I love the NAG Compiler for its efficiency in finding sources of errors, verifying implementations, and assuring excellent code quality.”

Judith Rommel, University of Cambridge

Fewer Mistakes

The NAG Fortran Compiler will save you effort by finding errors and diagnosing non-standard or questionable usage early.


Daily Compiler verification ensures correctness and performance.


The NAG Fortran Compiler has been ported to many platforms and is validated by a world-class test Suite. It is engineered for portability, robustness, and generated code performance.


New functionality is added to the NAG Fortran Compiler on a regular basis ensuring customers have access to enhancements in a timely way.

Fortran Builder

NAG offer an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) supplied with the NAG Fortran Compiler for Microsoft Windows.

Building projects using the NAG Fortran Builder is simple. Subsequent builds only recompile those files that have been changed and their dependencies. If the default options are not suitable, it is easy to change them using Project Settings. Incorporated in Fortran Builder is a GUI debugger to help solve any runtime problems.

Fortran Builder compiles and automatically links with a licensed NAG Fortran Library. It also comes with precompiled LAPACK Libraries. The help system within Fortran Builder not only gives general advice but will also suggest the right compiler options for your scenario. It also includes an extensive Fortran language guide.


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