Spotlight on Achievement: The NAG Student Award Recipients 2023

Published 30/04/2024 By NAG

Meet Thomas Cassell, Joshua Clough, Rob Jones, Megan Richards, Alex Lang, Ahmad Mohamadiyeh, and Eleanor D’Arcy – they all achieved academic excellence in 2023. Each of these individuals has been honoured with a NAG student award for their outstanding performance, setting new benchmarks for their peers and charting a course for success in their respective fields.

At our core, we believe in nurturing talent and recognizing exceptional accomplishments. NAG’s history is rooted in academic collaboration, and has evolved into partnerships in industry and research. By celebrating outstanding student achievements, we not only acknowledge brilliance but hope we also inspire future generations to strive for greatness.

We’re delighted to present the NAG student award winners 2023:

  • Thomas Lane Cassell, NAG HPC Student Award, University of Bristol
  • Joshua Clough, NAG HPC Student Award Joint Runner-Up, University of Bristol
  • Rob Jones, NAG HPC Student Award Joint Runner-Up, University of Bristol
  • Megan Richards, NAG Msc CDT Fluid Dynamics Student Award, University of Leeds
  • Alex Lang and Ahmad Mohamadiyeh, CDT Fluid Dynamics Annual Symposium Best Posters Award, University of Leeds
  • Eleanor D’Arcy, TakeAIM 2023 by Smith Institute, Sponsored by NAG

“I am very proud of all I have achieved. I have grown in confidence, co-authored my first paper and am making promising progress in my research into the theoretical analysis of fluid flow in microfluidic biomedical devices. I am really looking forward to seeing where the next few years (and beyond!) take me.” Megan Richards, NAG Student Award Winner 2023

Would you like to host a NAG Student Award at your academic institution? Reach out to us with details about your program, as we extend this opportunity beyond the UK. To the student winners of 2023, congratulations on your accomplishments. We’re excited to see your future unfold.