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Deltatheta UK Ltd

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Deltatheta products focus on the needs of leading engineering software providers, academic and R&D institutions, and engineering companies in areas such as automotive, motorsport, aerospace, discrete manufacturing and process industries.

Deltatheta provide modelling, simulation and integration tools for engineers working on multi-domain problems based on Modelica® open standards (a language for modelling complex physical systems).

Their products include Vertex®, an integrated Modelica® design and simulation product that delivers multi-domain coverage through the design and engineering process, and Converge® which is focused on Modelica model management. They also provide the Modelica SDK, which enables the embedding of Modelica® capability into existing software to provide custom applications, design and simulation platforms as well as non-simulation uses.


Deltatheta example

Working with NAG

Deltatheta incorporate a wide range of the reliable high performance routines from the NAG Library to provide valuable features for their software products.

To learn more about the Deltatheta product line, go to the Deltatheta web site.

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