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NAG Toolbox

Superseded functions

The functions listed below are scheduled for withdrawal from the NAG Toolbox, because improved functions have now been included in the Toolbox. Users are advised to stop using functions which are scheduled for withdrawal immediately and to use recommended replacement functions instead. See the document ‘Advice on Replacement Calls for Withdrawn/Superseded Routines’ for more detailed guidance, including advice on how to change a call to the old function into a call to its recommended replacement.
The following functions will be withdrawn at Mark 23.
Functions Scheduled
for Withdrawal

Replacement Function(s)
f02bj f08wa
f02ea f08pa
f02eb f08na
f02fa f08fa
f02fc f08fb
f02fd f08sa
f02fh f08ua
f02ga f08pn
f02gb f08nn
f02gj f08wn
f02ha f08fn
f02hc f08fp
f02hd f08sn
f02we f08kb
f02xe f08kp
f04aa f07aa
f04ac f07ha
f04ad f07an
f04ar f07aa
f04ea f07ca
f04fa None.
f04ja f08ka
f04jd f08ka
f04jl f08zb
f04jm f08za
f04kl f08zp
f04km f08zn
g05ya None.
g05yb None.
The following functions have been superseded, but will not be withdrawn from the Toolbox until Mark 24 at the earliest.

Replacement Function(s)
e04cc e04cb
g05hk g05pd
g05hl g05pe
g05hm g05pf
g05hn g05pg
g05ka g05sa
g05kb g05kf
g05kc g05kg
g05ke g05tb
g05la g05sk
g05lb g05sn
g05lc g05sd
g05ld g05sh
g05le g05sb
g05lf g05sj
g05lg g05sq
g05lh g05sp
g05lj g05sf
g05lk g05sm
g05ll g05sj
g05lm g05ss
g05ln g05sl
g05lp g05sr
g05lq g05sg
g05lx g05ry
g05ly g05rz
g05lz g05rz
g05ma g05tl
g05mb g05tc
g05mc g05th
g05md g05tf
g05me g05tk
g05mj g05ta
g05mk g05tj
g05ml g05te
g05mr g05tg
g05mz g05td
g05na g05nc
g05nb g05nd
g05pa g05ph
g05pc g05pj
g05qa g05px
g05qb g05py
g05qd g05pz
g05ra g05rd
g05rb g05rc
g05yc g05yl
g05yd g05ym
g05ye g05yl
g05yf g05ym
g05yg g05yl
g05yh g05ym
g13dc g13dd
x02da No longer required
x02dj No longer required

NAG Toolbox

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