nag logo Error Bulletin for Mark 8 of the NAG C Library

This document contains a list of errors found or reported since the release of Mark 8 of the NAG C Library.

Some of these errors may have been fixed at intermediate "point" releases of the Library, while other fixes are scheduled for incorporation at future releases. For library Marks where those fixes are not yet incorporated, a workaround for the known problem is provided wherever possible.

To find the Mark and point release number of your library, call NAG routine a00aac( ).

  1. Routines: e04vhc and others
    Synopsis:   User-supplied character strings containing spaces may cause garbled error messages
    Description:   Some routines produce error messages containing char data that has been supplied through the argument list by the user. An example is e04vhc, where the xnames or fnames can be referred to in error messages. Having spaces in these strings confuses the internal error-message splitter, which splits on spaces. Thus, error messages returned by the routine may be garbled.
    Severity:   non-critical
    Problem since Mark:   Various (routine dependent)
    Fixed in Mark:   Not yet fixed
    Workaround:   Make sure user-provided char data is without spaces.

  2. Routines: f16rbc, f16ubc
    Synopsis:   f16rbc and f16ubc return 0 if kl or ku is 0, instead of the correct norm. pdab is incorrectly forced to be at least m when m==n
    Description:   f16rbc and f16ubc mistakenly make a quick return if kl or ku is 0, instead of computing the correct value for the requested norm. Also, pdab is incorrectly forced to be at least m when m==n.
    Severity:   non-critical
    Problem since Mark:   8.0
    Fixed in Mark:  
    Workaround:   If kl or ku is 0, use the general matrix-norm routines f16rac or f16uac, with the input matrix in full storage. If m==n, make sure that pdab>=m.

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