x02 Chapter Contents (PDF version)
x02 Chapter Introduction
NAG C Library Manual

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x02 – Machine Constants

x02 Chapter Introduction

Mark of

x02ahc 1 nag_max_sine_argument
The largest permissible argument for sin and cos
x02ajc 1 nag_machine_precision
The machine precision
x02akc 1 nag_real_smallest_number
The smallest positive model number
x02alc 1 nag_real_largest_number
The largest positive model number
x02amc 1 nag_real_safe_small_number
Safe range of floating-point arithmetic
x02anc 6 nag_complex_safe_small_number
Safe range of NAG complex floating-point arithmetic
x02bbc 1 nag_max_integer
The largest representable integer
x02bec 1 nag_decimal_digits
The maximum number of decimal digits that can be represented
x02bhc 1 nag_real_base
Parameter b of model of floating-point arithmetic
x02bjc 1 nag_real_base_digits
Parameter p of model of floating-point arithmetic
x02bkc 1 nag_real_min_exponent
Parameter emin of model of floating-point arithmetic
x02blc 1 nag_real_max_exponent
Parameter emax of model of floating-point arithmetic
x02dac 1 nag_underflow_flag
Switch for taking precautions to avoid underflow
Note: this function is scheduled for withdrawal at Mark 11, see Advice on Replacement Calls for Withdrawn/Superseded Functions for further information.
x02djc 1 nag_real_arithmetic_rounds
Parameter ROUNDS of model of floating-point arithmetic

x02 Chapter Contents (PDF version)
x02 Chapter Introduction
NAG C Library Manual

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