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NAG Toolbox
NAG Toolbox News

Superseded functions

The functions listed below are scheduled for withdrawal from the NAG Toolbox, because improved functions have now been included in the Toolbox. You are advised to stop using functions which are scheduled for withdrawal and to use recommended replacement functions instead. See the document ‘Advice on Replacement Calls for Withdrawn/Superseded Routines’ for more detailed guidance, including advice on how to change a call to the old function into a call to its recommended replacement.
The following functions will be withdrawn at Mark 25.
Functions Scheduled
for Withdrawal

Replacement Function(s)
c05adnag_roots_contfn_brent (c05ay)
c05agnag_roots_contfn_brent_interval (c05au)
c05ajnag_roots_contfn_cntin (c05aw)
c05nbnag_roots_sys_func_easy (c05qb)
c05ncnag_roots_sys_func_expert (c05qc)
c05ndnag_roots_sys_func_rcomm (c05qd)
c05pbnag_roots_sys_deriv_easy (c05rb)
c05pcnag_roots_sys_deriv_expert (c05rc)
c05pdnag_roots_sys_deriv_rcomm (c05rd)
c05zanag_roots_sys_deriv_check (c05zd)
c06dbnag_sum_chebyshev (c06dc)
f04afNo replacement routine required
f04agNo replacement routine required
f04ahNo replacement routine required
f04ajNo replacement routine required
The following functions have been superseded, but will not be withdrawn from the Toolbox until Mark 26 at the earliest.

Replacement Function(s)
c06eanag_sum_fft_realherm_1d (c06pa)
c06ebnag_sum_fft_realherm_1d (c06pa)
c06ecnag_sum_fft_complex_1d (c06pc)
c06eknag_sum_convcorr_real (c06fk)
c06frnag_sum_fft_complex_1d_multi_col (c06ps)
c06funag_sum_fft_complex_2d (c06pu)
c06gbNo replacement required
c06gcNo replacement required
c06gqNo replacement required
c06gsNo replacement required
c06hanag_sum_fft_real_sine_simple (c06ra)
c06hbnag_sum_fft_real_sine_simple (c06ra)
c06hcnag_sum_fft_real_qtrsine_simple (c06rc)
c06hdnag_sum_fft_real_qtrcosine_simple (c06rd)
d01banag_quad_1d_gauss_vec (d01ua)
d01bbnag_quad_1d_gauss_wres (d01tb)
d02pcnag_ode_ivp_rkts_range (d02pe) and associated D02P functions
d02pdnag_ode_ivp_rkts_onestep (d02pf) and associated D02P functions
d02pvnag_ode_ivp_rkts_setup (d02pq)
d02pwnag_ode_ivp_rkts_reset_tend (d02pr)
d02pxnag_ode_ivp_rkts_interp (d02ps)
d02pynag_ode_ivp_rkts_diag (d02pt)
d02pznag_ode_ivp_rkts_errass (d02pu)
f04ycnag_linsys_real_gen_norm_rcomm (f04yd)
f04zcnag_linsys_complex_gen_norm_rcomm (f04zd)
g01aanag_stat_summary_onevar (g01at)

NAG Toolbox

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