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NAG Toolbox
NAG Toolbox News

Superseded functions

The functions listed below are scheduled for withdrawal from the NAG Toolbox, because improved functions have now been included in the Toolbox. You are advised to stop using functions which are scheduled for withdrawal and to use recommended replacement functions instead. See the document ‘Advice on Replacement Calls for Withdrawn/Superseded Routines’ for more detailed guidance, including advice on how to change a call to the old function into a call to its recommended replacement.
The following functions will be withdrawn at Mark 24.
Functions Scheduled
for Withdrawal

Replacement Function(s)
e04cc nag_opt_uncon_simplex (e04cb)
e04zc No longer required
g05hk nag_rand_times_garch_asym1 (g05pd)
g05hl nag_rand_times_garch_asym2 (g05pe)
g05hm nag_rand_times_garch_gjr (g05pf)
g05hn nag_rand_times_garch_exp (g05pg)
g05ka nag_rand_dist_uniform01 (g05sa)
g05kb nag_rand_init_repeat (g05kf)
g05kc nag_rand_init_nonrepeat (g05kg)
g05ke nag_rand_logical (g05tb)
g05la nag_rand_dist_normal (g05sk)
g05lb nag_rand_dist_students_t (g05sn)
g05lc nag_rand_dist_chisq (g05sd)
g05ld nag_rand_dist_f (g05sh)
g05le nag_rand_dist_beta (g05sb)
g05lf nag_rand_dist_gamma (g05sj)
g05lg nag_rand_dist_uniform (g05sq)
g05lh nag_rand_dist_triangular (g05sp)
g05lj nag_rand_dist_exp (g05sf)
g05lk nag_rand_dist_lognormal (g05sm)
g05ll nag_rand_dist_gamma (g05sj)
g05lm nag_rand_dist_weibull (g05ss)
g05ln nag_rand_dist_logistic (g05sl)
g05lp nag_rand_dist_vonmises (g05sr)
g05lq nag_rand_dist_expmix (g05sg)
g05lx nag_rand_multivar_students_t (g05ry)
g05ly nag_rand_multivar_normal (g05rz)
g05lz nag_rand_multivar_normal (g05rz)
g05ma nag_rand_int_uniform (g05tl)
g05mb nag_rand_int_geom (g05tc)
g05mc nag_rand_int_negbin (g05th)
g05md nag_rand_int_log (g05tf)
g05me nag_rand_int_poisson_varmean (g05tk)
g05mj nag_rand_int_binomial (g05ta)
g05mk nag_rand_int_poisson (g05tj)
g05ml nag_rand_int_hypergeom (g05te)
g05mr nag_rand_int_multinomial (g05tg)
g05mz nag_rand_int_general (g05td)
g05na nag_rand_permute (g05nc)
g05nb nag_rand_sample (g05nd)
g05pa nag_rand_times_arma (g05ph)
g05pc nag_rand_times_mv_varma (g05pj)
g05qa nag_rand_matrix_orthog (g05px)
g05qb nag_rand_matrix_corr (g05py)
g05qd nag_rand_matrix_2waytable (g05pz)
g05ra nag_rand_copula_normal (g05rd)
g05rb nag_rand_copula_students_t (g05rc)
g05yc nag_rand_quasi_init (g05yl)
g05yd nag_rand_quasi_uniform (g05ym)
g05ye nag_rand_quasi_init (g05yl)
g05yf nag_rand_quasi_uniform (g05ym)
g05yg nag_rand_quasi_init (g05yl)
g05yh nag_rand_quasi_uniform (g05ym)
g13dc nag_tsa_multi_varma_estimate (g13dd)
x02da No longer required
x02dj No longer required
The following functions have been superseded, but will not be withdrawn from the Toolbox until Mark 25 at the earliest.

Replacement Function(s)
c05ad nag_roots_contfn_brent (c05ay)
c05ag nag_roots_contfn_brent_interval (c05au)
c05aj nag_roots_contfn_cntin (c05aw)
c05nb nag_roots_sys_func_easy (c05qb)
c05nc nag_roots_sys_func_expert (c05qc)
c05nd nag_roots_sys_func_rcomm (c05qd)
c05pb nag_roots_sys_deriv_easy (c05rb)
c05pc nag_roots_sys_deriv_expert (c05rc)
c05pd nag_roots_sys_deriv_rcomm (c05rd)
c05za nag_roots_sys_deriv_check (c05zd)
c06db nag_sum_chebyshev (c06dc)
f03aa None.
f03ab None.
f03ac None.
f03ad None.
f03ae None.
f03af None.
f04af No replacement routine required
f04ag No replacement routine required
f04ah No replacement routine required
f04aj No replacement routine required

NAG Toolbox

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