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NAG Toolbox
NAG Toolbox News

Withdrawn Functions

The following functions have been withdrawn from the NAG Toolbox at Mark 23. See the document ‘Advice on Replacement Calls for Withdrawn/Superseded Routines’ for more detailed guidance.

Replacement Function(s)
f02bj nag_lapack_dggev (f08wa)
f02ea nag_lapack_dgees (f08pa)
f02eb nag_lapack_dgeev (f08na)
f02fa nag_lapack_dsyev (f08fa)
f02fc nag_lapack_dsyevx (f08fb)
f02fd nag_lapack_dsygv (f08sa)
f02fh nag_lapack_dsbgv (f08ua)
f02ga nag_lapack_zgees (f08pn)
f02gb nag_lapack_zgeev (f08nn)
f02gj nag_lapack_zggev (f08wn)
f02ha nag_lapack_zheev (f08fn)
f02hc nag_lapack_zheevx (f08fp)
f02hd nag_lapack_zhegv (f08sn)
f02we nag_lapack_dgesvd (f08kb)
f02xe nag_lapack_zgesvd (f08kp)
f04aa nag_lapack_dgesv (f07aa)
f04ac nag_lapack_dpbsv (f07ha)
f04ad nag_lapack_zgesv (f07an)
f04ar nag_lapack_dgesv (f07aa)
f04ea nag_lapack_dgtsv (f07ca)
f04fa None.
f04ja nag_lapack_dgelss (f08ka)
f04jd nag_lapack_dgelss (f08ka)
f04jl nag_lapack_dggglm (f08zb)
f04jm nag_lapack_dgglse (f08za)
f04kl nag_lapack_zggglm (f08zp)
f04km nag_lapack_zgglse (f08zn)
g05ya None.
g05yb None.

NAG Toolbox

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