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NAG Optimization Modelling Suite

Increase Accuracy, Reduce Cost.


The NAG Optimization Modelling Suite provides a comprehensive collection of robust, tested, and documented solvers for use across all industries. The intuitive interface allows the modification of existing models to increase accuracy, time efficiency and reduce cost.

NAG optimization solvers are highly flexible and callable from many programming languages, environments, and mathematical packages.

Key areas covered include:

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Designed to allow users to add, modify, and remove model components such as variables, linear constraints, least squares residuals, and more without the need to rebuild. NAG Optimization Modelling Suite is flexible like no other.


Our expert consultant developers work with the technology on a daily basis. The support NAG offer allows users to troubleshoot at speed with a simple phone call, video call, or email ensuring project operations run smoothly.


Tried and tested vigorously, NAG Optimization Modelling Suite offers unrivalled robustness and reliability that ensures user confidence.


NAG constantly innovates in all areas of numerical algorithms and we continuously add to and improve our Optimization Modelling Suite.

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