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The digital transformation and sustainability targets of your business demand more for less. NAG HPC Services design and operate customised, efficient HPC systems that can overcome these challenges and help you meet your strategic objectives. 

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Avoid Project Overrun Due To Skills Gaps


The demands of running HPC operations shouldn’t take your key staff away from business-critical projects. Leave the HPC design and operation to specialists, who will take the burden away from you. NAG services give you instant access to top HPC solutions, sysadmin and applications expertise, allowing your key staff to stay on the job they are trained to do.


Flatten The HPC Learning Curve


Reduce the pain and expense in training and educating staff on complex HPC operations. Allow NAG solutions architects to design a seamless user experience across your on-prem, cloud or hybrid systems. Present a simple web-based portal to access your systems, manage costs and execute jobs at the click of a button 

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NAG HPC Migration services design and configure elastic Cloud HPC environments that deliver on-demand compute resources that will suit your migrating workload. This capability ensures you can easily manage increased workloads from modelling or data demands, without over-resourcing and using the simplest interface possible.

NAG HPC Optimization services analyse your system from an extreme performance and utilisation perspective, developing workflow and scheduling approaches that will help you extract increased performance from your system. Deep expertise in HPC applications can allow parallel tuning of both the code and infrastructure to maximise your return on investment.  

NAG Cloud Optimization services analyse and redesign your virtual clusters, tuning your infrastructure to the unique qualities of your HPC workloads. We provide a management portal that delivers cost management and cost minimisation tools allowing you to get the strongest return from your investment by using the cheapest and best-suited resources available.  

NAG Hybrid services design and implement a seamless user experience for accessing a variety of on-prem and cloud resources efficiently. With a single interface for running jobs and managing resources and workflows, users will not need to worry about where the job is run, safe in the knowledge the system is running as efficiently as possible.

Breadth & Depth

Within the NAG team are recognised HPC strategy leaders and HPC applications engineers as well as experts in computer architecture, system software, HPC sysadmin, AI and analytics, web and user interface design.

Cost to Solution

The true cost to you of HPC is dependent on a number of factors. NAG has the ability to model and predict cost through the life of your system to help you manage cost and risk dynamically.

Independent Advice

NAG architects your solution completely impartially, using the most appropriate, performant and affordable technologies available, including choice of processor or graphics unit, software stacks and cloud/hybrid or on-prem. 

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