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NAG Library

Rigorously Tested, Inherently Flexible


NAG Library is a collection of 1600+ numerical and statistical algorithms callable from many computer programming languages and environments. It is component based to provide the building blocks to solve thousands of complex numerical problems.


Available for multiple languages and environments including C and C++, Python, Java, .NET, and Fortran.


NAG Library algorithms cover: 

  • Mathematical Optimization 
  • Statistics and Machine Learning 
  • Special Functions  
  • Linear Algebra 
  • PDEs 
  • Interpolation 
  • Curve & Surface Fitting 
  • Numerical Integration  

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Reduce project costs and remove the complications of using multiple libraries and licences. The NAG Library covers a wide range of mathematical and statistical computing techniques and models.


The NAG Library undergoes strict testing, meticulous documentation, and regular maintenance, making it an extremely robust solution.


NAG Library algorithms are accessible across various languages and environments, facilitating seamless transition from prototype to production. Interactive documentation allows for easy language switching.


From day one, NAG Technical Support strives to maximize the benefits of NAG Library software for users. The Technical Support team has earned a reputation for expert, trusted, and timely problem resolution.

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NAG Library for C, C++,
Fortran, AD


Using NAG Library algorithms enables you to easily switch between programming languages giving heightened flexibility and performance – the algorithms are future-proofed to ensure accuracy and performance.

The NAG Library is callable from Visual Basic, F#, R and PHP. A parallelised OpenMP version is available.

.NET & C#


NAG provides a software solution for users of the Microsoft .NET framework to access the extensive mathematical and statistical algorithms in the NAG Library. NAG’s fast and efficient algorithms enhance application capabilities and reduce crucial development time.



The NAG Library for Python provides Python developers with a tested, documented, and supported comprehensive collection of numerical algorithms, including mathematical optimization solvers, making it easier than ever to solve complex computational problems efficiently. From optimization and interpolation to linear algebra and statistical analysis, the NAG Library equips programmers with the tools needed to accelerate scientific and engineering computation with precision and ease.



The NAG Toolbox for MATLAB® provides a one stop solution to solve problems in diverse mathematical areas. It is expertly documented, maintained, and supported, and is regularly updated with cutting-edge algorithmic capabilities.



The NAG Library for Java provides flexible and robust, documented, tested and maintained numerical algorithms for users of the Java programming language.

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Want to see what the NAG Library can do for you? Take a trial today.

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Our expert consultants are at hand to answer any questions you may have.



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